Friday, September 16, 2011

writing a resume

honestly, i was pounding when i writing my resume for a practical next semester. It is not easy like what i say. yeah practical, semua org pun mmg wajib kene practikalkan?. but still a lot ofquestions on my mind right now, am I accepted by any company?, can I do well during practical?how the attitude of my boss? ibu cakap, I have to face. soalan² yang ak tanye 2 belakang kire. buat dulu final exam. then da dapat result dr company bru fikir 2 semua. jgn serabut dgn praktikal issues sedangkan final paper pn belum lagi. betul jgk ibu ckp 2 :). abby...abby...y r u so messy wit this thing?? hahaha :p ~ ~ ~ now already send my resume, then I just have to wait n c for the results of the companies that I apply for internship ;).wait and see! hope, I'll get good results.amin :) ade sesiapa yg ade tips sebelum praktikal??? meh la share plsss :)

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