Wednesday, August 10, 2011

im sorry for my nagging

can u stop from do that. can u just live in never listen to me just like a 10 years old child. i can only laugh. you dont know how it feels for me to say those things. you dont know that i just only want to have nice conversation with u. should I stop?. ok lets stop....from one to ten. they,re words to make u better. but since u feel boring listen to me. its only sound like a nag to u. this nagging is said from my heart not just randomly. i cant help but keep nagging even if you hate it. are u eating at the right time?. are u living well?. are u ok there?. that's my feeling to u. if i could put u in my pocket. i will be really happy. deep inside my heart. i always think bout u. even if u're angry. even if u feel bored at me. ur face is just so cute to me. and trust my feelin


  1. I never feel bored with you..and I'm sorry for making you worried.. =(


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