Wednesday, July 20, 2011

let it go

Forget and act as nothing happened, it can be more easy. Surely I say, dont worry. I'll be oke soon. But dont apologize. Terasa sangat. I ♥ to make friends. But u make me feel hating u is the best thing as u're just like to do something that we called the HYPOCRITISM. Dont know what is that ? I guess so. Find it by yourself, SOMEONE. And dont worry cz after dis I wont let u lend ur ear for me again. im just thinking if my story life is only a ' kisah dongeng ' . but I should realize that, its a reality in my life. so im not a loser cz wonder if there's someone could ever love me just as who i am. Im still looking for that ' someone ' :)


  1. semoga abby tabah menghadapi hidup...=D

    insyaAllah akan jumpa jugak seseorang yang betul2 'someone'...hehehe

  2. thnkss derkss :)
    derkss pn same hope jmpe gadis yg pndai masak bege nnt hahhahahahha :p

  3. =___="
    perlu ke mesti carik yang pandai masak berger??haha


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