Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ur love is lies

ur love is a lie
comeback again
if you're going to leave like this
why did you make that promise to me?
if its not you i cant
if its not you i dont want anything else
why am i still like this?
why did you take my hand if you going to leave me
how did it end up to this?
making me hurt..sad..
what must i do if you were to leave?
it used to be love
love that has gone cold
you are very mean
thats why i end up crying this way

you're the first love to me
the person that thaugt me love
never forget you
i remember you
perhaps i'll see you so im wearing the clothes you like
still have the same phone number n thinking
maybe you will look for me again..
still lives in same house n thinking mybe you will look
and comeback again
i still cant forget
separated honestly i miss you
i will wait for you no matter what..
i stop to thinking
want to tell you to start again
but i cant hear you or see you even though im looking for you..
im going to the place where we first met.
im look so pathetic
there is still a warm spot in my heart for you..
but it will be so hard cz i love u so much.
i will forget the lies.
our end has come through your lies
i wont think of it again

thinking that perhaps i will see you by chance
and you will look at me
in front of the mirror i wipe my tears
thinking maybe you will come.